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Most of us have seen reports on the science of sleep. Sleep impairment is very real, and not getting enough sleep hurts your creativity, mental health, immune health, and performance in many tasks.

We’ve done some great articles on sleep in Better Humans and some of those are listed below. But we really want to hear from you:

Tell us on Medium by tagging your post Better Sleep. We’ll be watching for your submissions and pointing out posts we love over the next two weeks…

Here’s everything new on Better Humans for last week.

Don’t miss Jason Chatfield’s way of setting up for the perfect Monday—by drafting all his emails as if the deliverable is already attached. Michelle Loucadoux makes a great pitch for actually timing some of your work to find powerful tweaks to get more out of your week. And we’ve even got the inside scoop on techniques used by a bomb disposal expert for making better decisions.

Just some of what you’ll find below!

5 Times You Should Give Up on Your Lofty Goals

The Sensitive Striver: When my clients feel as though they’re swimming against a tsunami, this is how I…

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If you want to have a strong, muscular body, there are two basic ways to go about it: live a lifestyle that creates it naturally, or get very intentional about your fitness and nutrition habits.

In an era of all kinds of modern conveniences, it’s more likely that you have to get very intentional.

To that end, here’s a collection of some of our best fitness articles, specifically related to building a muscular body. It might not be your thing, and that’s cool—we’ll try to have something more interesting for you next week.

But if it is, read on.

Your Guide To Building a Stronger Body — From a Personal Trainer


Teju Ravilochan for GatherFor in Maslow Got It Wrong:

The traditional interpretation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is that humans need to fulfill their needs at one level before we can advance to higher levels.

As often happens, Roberto…

A simple list of everything new on Better Humans for the past week. Includes why you shouldn’t fight on the internet…and why maybe you should!

I’m Not Getting Defensive, You Are

Fighting is futile.
by Jeremy Helligar

How To Get Comfortable With Change

The act of change is naturally uncomfortable because it is a divergence from what is known. But that is also known as “growth”.
by Trudy Horsting

Here’s Why I’ve Been Picking Fights On The Internet

The underrated joys of causing trouble online.
by Steve QJ

My 2-Year Journey to Black Decaf Coffee

How I reconciled my love of coffee with my desire to be free of unhealthy habits
by Adam Hughes

A Guide To Starting a New Hobby and Having Fun Along the Way

As an adult, I’d lost the artistic soul of my youth. Could a 12-week…

Inspiring Communities of Practice

The irresistible energy of the Roam community

Introduction to Roam by fan @nateliason.

We’ve noticed a particularly vibrant community that’s sprung up around the “note-taking tool for networked thought” by Roam Research.

Roam is a web-based tool for taking notes AND connecting concepts in your notes across your entire database of notes—without having to constantly fuss with your notes to keep them organized. Roam users use this power not only for notes, but for productivity systems as well. Some seem to be approaching a complete mind-map of thinking around their entire set of projects and lives. This makes sense…a to-do item, for example, is just a type…

Many of us are excited about stepping out from the shadows of the pandemic. Let’s reinvigorate our communities when we do.

Image credit: wildpixel.

You have to admit, even those of us who are introverts have some anticipatory excitement about the possible close of the pandemic and the option to walk back into public life.

Might we consider harnessing some of that energy toward goals that are for the greater good? Think about the trips, events, and gatherings we might have to look forward to—yes! But can we also think about rekindling our relationships with those around us, and building something greater than the sum of our parts?

To that end, here are some of our best articles about doing good in our communities…

No algorithmic feed, no pitch—just a list of articles we published last week for you to scan, bookmark, or enjoy as weekend inspiration.

Highly sensitive and high-achieving? You may fit into this personality type.

Answer these 18 questions to shed new light on what your strengths and weaknesses might be.
by Melody Wilding, LMSW

8 Useful Communication Tips I Used As an Optometrist

Working to improve my communication skills with patients led to insights that any professional can use.
by YL Yeong

Mindfulness Embarrassed Me Until I Saw It’s More Than Hippy-Dippy Nonsense

I grew up with an aversion to anything related to self-improvement that almost made me miss out on the benefits of mindfulness.
by Katrina Paulson

I Tried Day Batching. It Changed My Life.

Choosing specific areas of focus for days of the week gave me the…

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