Standing in the dark with my 5-year-old self

Clients sing the praises of this coach for getting them through big writing projects

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Image courtesy of Ryphna St-John.

Coach Interview

Taylor Harrison believes you can have an incredible life—and knows how to get you through the obstacles you don’t even see coming

Image courtesy of Taylor Harrison.

The Joy of Challenge Podcast

How the tale of a Pacific Coast bike trip inspired us to launch a new podcast to explore the mindset of taking on big challenges

Introducing the joy of challenge with host Meredith Rodriguez

Get a better: salary, date, outlook, morning routine, and more (pick as many as you like)

And here’s how expert coaching can help you believe in yourself too.

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Terrie Schweitzer

Editor, Better Humans, for Bubbles, amateur pyro, hawk watch/birding, permaculture, zen, Gaia lover. RPCV Ghana 2011–2013.

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