In the kinds of situations Bloom has dealt with, which include training people to withstand questioning under torture or being lost in enemy territory. He says that the most crucial element is a person’s response to the question: “Well, what kind of person do you want to be? Here we are. Now, what do you want to do about it?”

That (bolded emphasis my own) is from The Real Way to Find Meaning in an Unplannable Life by Corinne Purtill.

Hope is nice and all, but I like something I can sink my teeth into. Deciding who I want to…

Without it, all of our other problems—climate change, injustice of all kinds, addiction—only compound to become much worse, and even insurmountable.

By peacemaking, I am not talking about conflict avoidance…

I was fascinated to read this story of virtual sadism from Mark Frauenfelder’s The Magnet.

It reminded me of parents who insist that their children treat Alexa or Siri with respect.

Does it matter? The answer seems clear to me: I need to behave in a way that aligns with the kind of person I want to be. I can only speak for myself, but I can’t say that torturing a virtual being has no affect on anyone, because it would definitely have an affect on me.

It’s interesting to me that in one of the chants used in my…

On COVID-19, from James Hamblin: “All of this leads back to the basic question: Is one of the most glaring omissions in public-health guidelines right now simply to tell people…

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Makani sets out to meet the other survivalists. Screenshot from “Naked and Afraid: Threesome” (Season 10).

I’m a sucker for reality TV survival shows and recently dipped my greenhorn toes into Naked and Afraid, Season 10. The setup is that a man and woman (strangers to each other) are dropped into some harsh environment with one tool each and no clothing, then they have to survive for 21-days.

Spoiler below! Don’t continue reading if you intend to watch this and want to be surprised.

The contestants are expert survivalists who take pride in their hunting, shelter building, and fire-making skills.

Each contestant gets to bring one thing, and the show provides a third. Usually, it’s a…

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A lot of our articles on Better Humans feature how-to’s on doing something specific—things like training for a marathon, coping with anxiety, writing a book. That’s what I think of as tactical advice.

There’s another type of advice that’s strategic—usually more inspirational writing that speaks to our underlying values and questions why we are doing all of this self-improvement.

Which do you prefer to see in your daily feed of articles in the publications you follow: tactical or strategic advice?

I’d love to see what you choose via the poll above. Comments are good, too!

Later Note: After one…

Have you ever redesigned your environment to reach your reading goals?

From Michal Korzonek in Your Antilibrary: How To Design Your Environment For Mindful Content Consumption, on the ever-growing amount…

“Meditation brings freedom on the inside. It brings me clarity. It stokes the fire of compassion. It helps me to resolve problems as best I can or to figure out who to call if I can’t do it by myself.”

There’s much to learn from in this interview of Huggins by Christina M. Tapper: A Former Black Panther Party Leader Reflects on Her Revolutionary Work. Woven into this story is a thread of meditation and mindfulness.

A lot of our discourse around meditation is about what we get out of the practice. Read the full interview to learn more about…

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